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Girls Fastpitch Tournaments

Columbia, MO

Tournament Rules 1-Day Format

Rocker/Rattler Tourney Rules

USSSA – 1 Day Format; 3 Games

Rain Hotline 573-213-2023

Columbia, MO


1)     Coaches check in at Registration table 45 minutes before your 1st game at the Concession stand.

2)     You will need the following

a)    Perfect Game Registration number and a copy of your team roster

b)     Birth Certificates must be kept with the Coach/Manager

c)     Proof of Team Insurance

d)     Pickup player form for pickup players

3)     Teams will provide game balls that meet Perfect Game specifications. ( Core 47 Compression 375)

         Deliver one game ball acceptable to the umpire at the coin flip of each game

         (you do not have to provide a new game ball each game)


Tournament Rules and Information

1) Perfect Game rules will govern the tournament with the following exceptions:

         a)  Time Limit 75 minutes drop dead.

         b)  Run Limit: 12 after 3; 10 after 4; 8 after 5

         c)  Coin flip will determine HOME team.  Game time begins at the time of the coin flip

         d)  Teams may roster bat and have free substitution in all games.

e)     Games for all ages can end in tie

f)      Free substitution and bat the roster rules – If a team chooses to not bat the roster then their batting order will be fixed allowing only for substitutes in the batting order with players not in the original batting order.  Once batter C hits for batter A then batter C may only hit in batter A’s position in the batting order for the remainder of the game.  The last out will become the courtesy runner for the pitcher or catcher.         

g)     Saturday and Sunday games for all ages will allow bat the roster and free substitution


2)  All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 10 minutes early in case we are ahead of schedule. (This will help the tournament keep on time). 

3)  Team chants and chatter may only be directed at your own team.

4)  Absolutely NO infield practice on playing fields.  You may take ground balls behind the bases near       the outfield.  Pitcher and catcher must warm up in FOUL territory. 

5)  Head coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, coaches, parents  

6)  The official scorekeeper will be the scorekeeper of the home team.

7)  No protest on judgment calls, only rule interpretation

8)  In case of rain it is the responsibility of the coaches to obtain their game times for the modified rain     schedule.

9)  Refund policy – No games 100%; 1 game 50%; 2 games no refund



Debbie Jameson 573-424-9013

Steve Hirt  573-424-7908

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