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Girls Fastpitch Tournaments

Columbia, MO

Coach’s Packet

Coach’s Packet 

First off, a big thank you for choosing to play with us this weekend. We know you many choices of where to play and we strive to make this a memorable experience for your girls. All of our tournaments will be Perfect Game.  We will also need ALL teams to have their rosters online prior to playing in the event. It will be your responsibility to have your roster online with the correct players playing that weekend.

At each park there will be a designated spot (registration table) to check in and ALL teams must check in at least 45 minutes before their first game. Upon checking in your team will receive any updates to the schedule made at the last minute.     We will need all teams to make sure they have paid us prior to playing your first game. We can’t reiterate how important it is to have a team representative check in prior to playing.   We suggest coaches carry their players birth certificates as proof of age if required for a challenge.  Please see the specific tournament page for the tourney format.

We have a few specific rules for our tournaments.

1) Team chants and chatter may only be directed at your own team.

2)  Absolutely NO infield practice on playing fields.  You may take ground balls behind the bases near       the outfield.  Pitcher and catcher must warm up in FOUL territory.

3)  Head coaches are responsibility for the conduct of their players, coaches, parents and fans.

4)  The official scorekeeper will be the scorekeeper of the home team.

5)  No protest on judgment calls, only rule interpretation

6)  In case of rain it is the responsibility of the coaches to obtain their game times for the modified rain schedule.  We will make every attempt to post it on-line, however, the schedule posted at the tournament registration area will be the most up-to-date.

Our staff  wants to make sure your experience with us is dedicated to putting the girls first in everything that we do. It is our goal to provide everyone with an atmosphere that is condusive to youth athletics. This includes good sportsmanship by coaches, fans, and players and will not tolerate anything different.

Other Rules:

No continuous use of noise makers such as ball bucket, drums, cow bells or any other devices deemed a nuisance and not in the spirit of the game at the discretion of the umpires.

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