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Girls Fastpitch Tournaments

Columbia, MO


The Rockers and Rattlers Fastpich Softball is a not-for-profit organization based out of Columbia, Missouri.
If you are interested in the Rockers or Rattlers, please visit our web site: www.eteamz.com/missourirockers

The Rockers girls softball club is looking for outstanding individuals for opportunities to coach.
Interested folks can email Debbie Jameson at djameson1961@yahoo.com

We are coordinating our 2019 teams.
If you are interested in coaching a Rockers team, please email Debbie Jameson  djameson1961@yahoo.com

To arrange a private tryout, contact the coach directly.

Tryout Registration Form (Fill out in advance and bring to tryouts)

The Rockers are looking for great coaches to develop players and guide families through competitive softball.

For our 2018/19 season we have the following teams.

2020 COLUMBIA ROCKERS Teams – Contact the coaches directly for try out information.

18UA Gene DeVore 573-881-0433 gdevore38@gmail.com
Tim Eckelmeyer 573-220-6319 –  timechelmeier@gmail.com

16U Shawn Black, 660-676-1973,  ShawnBlack4@gmail.com

14u – Alan Bunch – 573-268-7765 alanbunch43@gmail.com

12U – Shane Martin – 573-303-1696 SMartin@vu.com

12U Scott Turner 573-616-9013 turnerjst9@gmail.com and
Shane Cruzan 573-645-5816 Shanecruzan@gmail.com

12U – James Patrick – 573-982-9413 jamespatrick9413@gmail.com
Dan Trim, 573-268-9686 tigerpawnshop@gmail.com
Mandy Reynolds, 573-819-6676 mrpob9@yahoo.com

12u – Debbie Jameson – 573-424-9013 djameson1961@gmail.com
Wendy Spratt wsspratt@ccis.edu
Tim Moloney (573-219-2411) moloneytke@aol.com

10u – TBA soon

2020 RATTLERS Teams
18U Rattlers – Gary Ennis 573-442-1117 ennco8847@aol.com
Steve Hirt 573-424-7908 steve12@gmail.com

16UA Tim Eckelmeyer 573-220-6319 –  timechelmeier@gmail.com
Gene DeVore 573-881-0433 gene@truesonexteriors.com

12u – Dan Hedgpath – 573-544-7722 dhedgpath@gmail.com
Steve Fleming, sfleminghd@gmail.com, 573-368-9800
Tim Echelmier, timechelmeier@gmail.com 573-220-6319
Nate Herron, 62nherron@gmail.com, 573-821-2108

10u – Shane Martin – 573-303-1696 SMartin@vu.com

10u – James Patrick – 573-982-9413 jamespatrick9413@gmail.com
Dan Trim, 573-268-9686 tigerpawnshop@gmail.com
Mandy Reynolds, 573-819-6676 mrpob9@yahoo.com

9u – Debbie Jameson – 573-424-9013 djameson1961@gmail.com
Wendy Spratt wsspratt@ccis.edu
Tim Moloney (573-219-2411) moloneytke@aol.com

2018 RATTLERS Teams
U Rattlers – Alan Bunch 573-268-7765 alanbunch43@gmail.com

18U Rattlers – Gary Ennis 573-442-1117 ennco8847@aol.com
Steve Hirt 573-424-7908 steve12@gmail.com

About the ROCKERS

The ROCKERS were established in the fall 1995 by Steve Hirt and Debbie Jameson to offer competitive softball in mid-Missouri.  The ROCKERS and its sister club, the Rattlers, are based in Columbia, Missouri, but the teams are comprised of players from all over Missouri. Within our organization we have teams in the 18U, 16U, 14U, 12U, & 10U age groups. In the past 17 years, over 175 current and/or former players have played or have signed letters of intent to play at the collegiate level and have received college scholarships.  The ROCKERS recruit athletes with a good attitude, who are team players, hard working and are coachable.  Our teams play 60-80 games per year including competitive leagues and tournaments.                          

About the RATTLERS

The RATTLERS team was started by Gary Ennis in 1990.  Gary started the team when his daughter began playing and has never retired.  The Rattlers were the first competitive fast-pitch softball team in Columbia for 18 & under girls.  The RATTLERS have a standing tradition of excellence and strength and are regarded as breeding ground collegiate players.  The ROCKERS club has modeled their organization around the traditions and class that the RATTLERS established over 20 years ago.  Both the RATTLERS and the ROCKERS have the same mission and objective for competitive youth softball. 

ROCKERS/RATTLERS Mission Statement

The ROCKERS continue their commitment to provide a positive environment for the players to develop their skills while maintaining the perspective that softball is still a game and a player must have fun to make it a worthwhile experience. We look forward to seeing you on the field.

Contact us:

If you are interested in the ROCKERS/RATTLERS teams, please feel free to contact any of the coaches or our club managers.

Debbie Jameson  573-424-9013  djameson1961@gmail.com

Steve Hirt 573-424-7908 steve12@gmail.com

 Gary Ennis 573-442-1117 ennco8847@aol.com

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